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Northern Plains

Northern Plains Region

Regional Human Resource Director: oversees all regional activity, provides advice to top level mangers, and addresses policy issues.

Great Plains Area

Vacant HR Officer - Great Plains
Melissa Loebs Deputy HR Director - Great Plains 605-226-7799 Aberdeen, SD
Anita Borchard HR Assistant 605-226-7626 Aberdeen, SD
Troy Bad Moccasin Supervisory HR Specialist - Staffing 605-226-7217 Aberdeen, SD
Shawnee Ghost HR Specialist - Staffing 605-277-5531 Aberdeen, SD
Jessica Leverson HR Specialist- Staffing 605-226-7239 Sisseton, SD
Rika Dozier-Picotte HR Assistant - Staffing 605-377-7916 Aberdeen, SD
Michelle Parkhill HR Assistant - Staffing 605-891-8790 Oklahoma City, OK
Kayla Laundreaux HR Assistant - Staffing 605-377-7857 Aberdeen, SD
Heather Imam HR Assistant - Staffing 605-377-7715 Aberdeen, SD
Samuel Ware HR Assistant - Staffing 605-216-4811 Oklahoma City, OK
Marla Avila- Frank HR Assistant - Staffing 605-216-8342 Oklahoma City, OK
Amber Cantu HR Assistant - Staffing 605-377-7633 Broomfield, CO
Taleshia Hugs Supervisory HR Specialist - Workforce Development 605-252-6061 Billings, MT
Sara Dinger HR Specialist - Staffing (Lead) 605-216-9513 Aberdeen, SD
Tonya Tiger HR Specialist - Staffing 605-216-0903 Houston, TX
Kimmen LeBeau Administrative Specialist - Ethics 605-216-8286 Denver, CO
Brian Archambeau HR Specialist - HRIT 605-226-7773 Aberdeen, SD
Lynsee Driscoll Supervisory HR Specialist - Benefits & Payroll 605-252-6074 Aberdeen, SD
Whitley LeCompte HR Specialist - Benefits 605-377-5762 Aberdeen, SD
Rhawni Bruce HR Assistant 605-226-7282 Aberdeen, SD
Joseph Dudley HR Assistant 605-226-7203 Aberdeen, SD
Jessica Martell HR Assistant 605-252-2249 Bemidji, MN
Derek Brewer Lead Civilian Payroll Technician 605-377-5806 Aberdeen, SD
Winona Hagen Civilian Payroll Technician 605-277-6374 Pine Ridge, SD
Julie Parisien Civilian Payroll Technician 605-252-2392 Belcourt, ND
Jennifer Fuhrman Personnel Security Specialist 605-216-7209 Oklahoma City, OK
Jody Wingate Personnel Security Specialist 605-216-9422 Aberdeen, SD
Kara Shepherd Personnel Security Specialist 605-252-6952 Oklahoma City, OK
Connie Bordeaux Personnel Security Specialist 605-226-7356 Aberdeen, SD
Ken Fleury Personnel Security Specialist 605-226-7398 Aberdeen, SD
Jenna Lopez Personnel Security Specialist 605-252-2764 Aberdeen, SD
Dawn Muth Supervisory HR Specialist (ER/ LR) 605-277-6795 Aberdeen, SD
Rachelle Hovel HR Specialist - ER/LR 605-824-0087 Phoenix, AZ
Lanie Hall HR Assistant - ER/LR 605-226-7560 Aberdeen, SD
Sonia Garrett Management Analyst - ER/LR 605-891-1443 Pine Ridge, SD
Ruth Bilder HR Specialist - ER/LR 405-919-4048 Oklahoma City, OK
Stanley "Mikey" Branson HR Specialist - ER/LR 605-277-0634 Denver, CO
Rachel Hill HR Specialist - ER/LR 605-277-6315 Minneapolis, MN
Keyasha World Morgan HR Specialist - ER/LR 605-277-6162 San Antonio, TX
Shelby McGhee HR Assistant ER/LR 605-377-5990 Phoenix, AZ
Orlondo Haven Supervisory HR Specialist - Classificaton 505-686-2761 Navajo, NM
Cody Clark HR Specialist - Classification 605-226-7563 Aberdeen, SD
Delbert Haskell HR Specialist - Classification 605-574-3298 Rapid City, SD

Bemidji Area

Denise Odegaard HR Director - Bemidji 218-368-2239 Bemidji, MN
Roberta Ironmaker HR Specialist - Staffing 218-444-0472 Bemidji, MN
Vanessa Peralta HR Specialist - Staffing 218-444-0471 Bemidji, MN
Evelyn Begaye HR Specialist - Benefits 218-444-3096 Bemidji, MN
Arlene Boland HR Specialist - ER/LR 218-766-0041 Minneapolis, MN
Josephine Peterson Personnel Security Specialist 218-444-0494 Bemidji, MN
Donna Belgarde HR Specialist - Staffing 218-214-6338 Bemidji, MN
Janell Ward HR Specialist - Staffing 202-597-1220 Bemidji, MN
Robby Chasing Hawk HR Specialist - Staffing 218-335-3268 Bemidji, MN
Jodi Klammer Personnel Security Specialist 218-444-0456 Bemidji, MN
Cody Matthews HR Specialist - Compensation 218-444-0470 Bemidji, MN
Terrilyn Williams HR Specialist - Classification 218-553-1378 Bemidji, MN

Billings Area

Christina Bitsilly Deputy HR Director 406-281-0902 Wheatfields, AZ
Isaiah Franklin Supervisor HR Specialist 605-277-6634 Aberdeen, SD
Cindy Bedeau HR Specialist - HRIT 406-208-2732 Cass Lake, MN
Ocfuske King HR Specialist - Classification) 406-281-1640 Bixby, OK
Tyler Sessions HR Specialist -Classification) 406-671-0751 Zeeland, MI
Vonna Goodluck HR Assistant - Classification 406-794-5316 Billings, MT
Kaycee Neal HR Specialist - Staffing 406-247-7217 Billings, MT
Teresa Persell HR Specialist - Staffing 406-281-3170 Bemidji, MN
Brianne Rogers HR Specialist - Staffing 406-696-8930 Billings, MT
Jennifer Gong HR Specialist - Staffing 406-247-7210 Billings, MT
Erika Honey HR Specialist - Staffing 301-635-8143 Holden, ME
Anna McJunkins HR Specialist - Staffing 406-795-8733 Edmund, OK
Tamra O'Neill HR Specialist - Staffing 406-850-4903 East Grand Forks, MN
Kandis RealBird HR Assistant - Staffing 406-247-7195 Billings, MT
Raylene Hill HR Assistant 406-247-7197 Billings, MT
Connie GoodBear HR Assistant 406-247-7195 Billings, MT
Talynne Boyd Lead Personnel Security Specialist 406-839-6514 Fort Defiance, AZ
Sheri Chandler Personnel Security Specialist 406-208-5618 Billings, MT
Julleon Stewart Personnel Security Assistant 406-247-7212 Billings, MT
Geraldine Thompson HR Specialist - Compensation 406-702-8205 Gallup, NM
Danelle Killsback Civilian Pay Technician 406-697-1812 Billings, MT
Collette Maxwell HR Specialist - Benefits 406-281-3561 Red Lake, MN
Patrick Amyotte HR Specialist - Benefits 404-247-7209 Billings, MT
Dawn Ewing HR Specialist - ER/LR 406-850-7317 Minot, ND