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2021 FEVS Results

In 2021, OPM abbreviated the FEVS and issued it only to a sample group in each Department and Agency. For HHS, OPM provided response data only at Operating Division level and above. Further, OPM did not issue formal IHS response summary reports as they did before 2021. OPM only provided the spreadsheets below. For 2022, OPM resumed their normal FEVS approach, sending the full survey to all eligible Federal employees. OPM will issue normal survey reports after the survey closes. If you have any questions about the 2021 FEVS results, please contact IHS FEVS program manager Frank Peratrovich at

IHS Detailed Results [XLSX - 116 KB]

IHS Overall Response Rates vs. HHS [XLSX - 67 KB]

A row of blue note books with year dates on them. 2021 is red and pulled out.