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GPRA Measures

Clinical Measures:


Diabetes Measures
Good Glycemic Control (A1c < 8.0)
Blood Pressure Control (< 140/90)
Statin Therapy to Reduce CVD Risk in Patients with Diabetes  
Nephropathy Assessment
Retinopathy Assessment

Cancer Screening Measures
Pap Screening 
Mammography Screening 
Colorectal Cancer Screening 

Oral Health Measures
Dental Access
Dental Sealants
Topical Fluorides

Immunization Measures
Childhood Immunizations (4313*314)
Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Children 6 mo to 17 years  
Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Adults 18+ 
Adult Immunizations:  Pneumococcal (65+)

Prevention Measures
Tobacco Cessation Intervention
Universal Alcohol Screening
Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
Domestic (Intimate Partner) Violence Screening
Depression Screening (Age 12-17)
Depression Screening (Age 18+)
Antidepressant Medication Management: Acute Treatment
Antidepressant Medication Management: Continuous Treatment
Statin Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Childhood Weight Control
Controlling High Blood Pressure (Million Hearts)

HIV/AIDS Measure
HIV Screening

Breastfeeding Measure
Breastfeeding Rates

Non-Clinical Measures:

Quality of Care Measure
YRTC Improvement/Accreditation

Public Health Nursing Measure
Public Health Nursing

Suicide Prevention Measure
Suicide Surveillance