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GPRA Trainings

Recorded GPRA Webinars from 2013 to 2017 are available for viewing and download from IHS Adobe Connect.

Instructions for Viewing Recorded Webinars:

1. Click on the desired training topic in the GPRA Recorded Training Sessions window.
2. Click "Browse To" at the bottom of the GPRA Recorded Training Sessions window.
3. You should then be directed to the recorded training.

Webinar Titles

Breast Cancer Screening – Mammography (4/9/15)

Blood Pressure Control – Diabetes & Million Hearts Measures (4/18/14)

Physician Engagement in GPRA (11/15/13)

Comprehensive CVD Assessment (5/30/14)

Urban Indian Health Program GPRA Reporting (6/30/14)

Breastfeeding GPRA Measure (4/19/13)

National Measures for Infectious Disease Screening (6/6/13)

Childhood Immunizations (3/6/13)

Alcohol Screening – FAS Prevention (1/28/15)

GPRA 101: Intro to GPRA and CRS (6/9/15)

Pap Screening: Improving GPRA rates (7/9/15)

Influenza and Childhood Immunizations (10/1/15)

Best Practices from High Performers (11/19/15)

HIV Screening (1/7/16)

Statin Therapy (2/4/16)

GPRA Dental Measures: Strategies for Success (4/7/16)

FY 2017 GPRA/GPRAMA Measures Logic Changes (8/23/16)

CRS 17.0 Training (11/17/16)

FY 2017 National GPRA Update for Urbans (12/1/16)

GPRAMA: Depression Screening in Youth and Adults