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IHS Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee (TSGAC)


The TSGAC, which is also comprised of tribal leaders from each region, provides advice to the IHS Director.  They provide assistance on issues pertaining to Tribal Self-Governance and the implementation of the Self-Governance within the IHS.  The TSGAC represents Self-governance Tribes by acting on their behalf to clarify issues that affect all compacting Tribes specific to issues affecting the delivery of health care.  They provide verbal and written advice about Self-Governance issues to the Director of IHS, and the Director of the Office of Tribal Self-Governance.  TSGAC organizes an annual conference.  Meetings are held 4 times a year.  A nomination letter from a Tribe should be submitted to the Director of the California Area IHS.

Representative Alternate
Joe Davis, Chairman, Hoopa Valley Tribe

Robert Smith, Chairman, Pala Band of Mission Indians

Federal Technical Representative

Wesley Simmons
Assoc. Director Tribal Affairs, Indian Health Service/California Area Office
Phone:  (916) 930-3981, ext. 319
Fax:  (916) 930-3952