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Youth Regional Treatment Center (YRTC) Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC)


The YRTC TAC serves in an advisory capacity to provide culturally-appropriate guidance to the YRTC Governing Body.  The YRTC TAC is comprised of 15 representatives.  Each member is selected by California Area Tribal Leaders during the Annual Tribal Consultation (during which alternate members are also determined).  The YRTC TAC meets as needed.

Primary Representative Tribe Term Expiration Alternate Representative Tribe
North Region        
Lauri Hayward Pit River Tribe 2023 VACANT  
East Central Region        
Amy Orosco Tule River Indian Tribe of the Tule River Reservation 2024 VACANT  
West Central Region        
Silver Galleto Cloverdale Rancheria of Pomo Indians 2023 VACANT  
South Region        
Verionica Espinoza Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians, California 2024 Dominica Valencia Santa Ynez Band of Chumas Mission Indians of the Santa Ynez Reservation
Urban (Ex-officio)        
Scott Black American Indian Health & Services Corporation 2024 Sonya M. Tetnowski Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley, Inc.