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About the Pharmacy Program

About Us

The IHS Pharmacy Program contributes to the IHS mission - raising the health status of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people to the highest level possible -- by providing safe, efficacious, and cost-effective drug therapy to ensure appropriate outcomes in the use of drugs and medicines.

Our Mission

To provide integrated, patient-centered pharmacy care that is culturally responsive, leading to optimal patient outcomes.


Achieving excellence in the health and wellness of American Indian and Alaska Native communities through strong relationships and innovative pharmacy practices.

Our Practice Settings

IHS Pharmacists practice in a wide variety of settings. There are remote locations with only one pharmacist, bustling urban hospitals with 50 or more pharmacists on staff, and everything in between. IHS pharmacist contribute to the healthcare teams using skills in ambulatory care and inpatient care, as well as a variety of specialties. IHS pharmacists are contributing members at all levels of the organizations, participating in local and national level committees on quality improvement, pharmacy and therapeutics, clinical informatics, recruitment and retention, executive leadership and more.

Our Pharmacists are Leaders in Pharmacy Practice and Innovation

Indian Health Service (IHS) pharmacists practice in a true pharmaceutical care environment where they fully apply their clinical knowledge and skills. IHS has pioneered many progressive and innovative practices over the past thirty years. IHS Pharmacists have helped establish current standards of pharmacy practice by accessing the patient's entire health record including laboratory results, immunization status, and past medical history to assess the appropriateness of drug therapy, manage therapy and disease.

Pharmacists working for IHS are from a variety of background and are employed under a variety of circumstances. A pharmacist may work as a federal employee civil servant, as an officer in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, or as a direct tribal employee.

IHS Pharmacists practice in an environment where

  • excellence and innovative practice are renown
  • professional skills, knowledge and training are fully applied
  • pharmacists have access to the patient's complete Electronic Health Record
  • each patient is provided with medication counseling, Medication Therapy Management and Disease State Management
  • pharmacists work with other health professionals as members of a collaborative health care team
  • pharmacists have the ability provide quality clinical pharmaceutical care
  • one can experience the culture of Native Americans
  • facilities are located in scenic locations across the Nation

To learn more about job opportunities, please visit our IHS Pharmacy Career page

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