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Pharmacy Technicians

Roles for Pharmacy Technicians

Under the supervision of a clinical pharmacist, the pharmacy technician may serve the pharmacy team in the following activities including, but not limited to:
  1. obtaining medication histories to assist with medication reconciliation,
  2. patient education related to IHS formulary status of medications,
  3. documenting medication adherence,
  4. documenting patient allergies and adverse drug reactions, and
  5. patient education on navigating the IHS Pharmacy (including patient management of refills and renewals, important telephone numbers for pharmacy issues, etc.)

The pharmacy technician may also assist the pharmacist in medication dispensing and distribution activities:

  1. Medication Dispensing: the preparation, packaging, labeling, record keeping, of a prescription prior to dispensing by a pharmacist.
      1. The pharmacist shall provide and document the final verification for the accuracy, validity, completeness, and appropriateness of the patient's prescription or medication order prior to the delivery of the medication to the patient or the patient's representative.
      2. Only a pharmacist may provide counseling to each patient receiving new medication and/or medication therapy changes.
  2. Medication Distribution: the delivery of a drug or drug device other than by administration or dispensing to a patient. This would include the distribution of medication refills to patients.
      1. The pharmacy technician may distribute medication refills to patients.
      2. If the patient requests counseling on medication refills, only a pharmacist may counsel on medication refills.

Advanced roles

Credentialed United States Public Health Service (USPHS) pharmacists have the ability to provide federal pharmacy technicians the opportunity to obtain Washington State Universities Pharmacy Technician Vaccine Administration Certification. For more information visit WSU’s website. The Pharmacists Expanding Vaccine Access (PEVA) workgroup is working with Indian Health Service facilities nationwide in pursuit of Standardization of Collaborative Practice Agreements. For more information about PEVA visit the Pharmacy Expanding Access (PEVA) Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  page.