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Cardiovascular Risk Stratification in American Indians

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
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1. American Indians Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) mortality rate is 20% great than other US races.

2. The Framingham Risk Score is a risk assessment tool used to estimate a patient’s 10-year risk of having a heart attack.

3. The original Framingham Risk Score did not accurately estimate coronary heart disease (CHD) for American Indians (particularly women) and required recalibration for accuracy.

4. The following criteria was/were used in the Strong Heart Study to determine CHD risk:

5. The American Indian specific tool used to estimate the risk of developing hypertension within the next 4 years was designed for American Indians >35 years of age.

6. The following is/are part(s) of the progression of atherosclerosis:

7. Metabolic syndrome is associated with a 2x risk of CVD and a 5x risk of Diabetes Mellitus (DM).

8. Early predictors of obesity and cardiovascular risk amount American Indian children include(s):

9. Maternal effects linked to higher risk of CVD in their offspring includes malnutrition, chronic disease (obesity), smoking, and allostatic load.