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Sweet Facts About Pharmacists in Diabetes Care

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
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1. Pharmacists are a valuable resource to patients with diabetes trying to navigate glucometers. They can show patients how to use their monitor, use teach-back strategies, answer questions and suggest apps that might link to their meter.

2. Advancements in medical technology that a pharmacist can guide a patient with diabetes through include continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, smart pens, inhalable insulin, and apps associated with diabetes management.

3. It is in the scope of practice for pharmacists to teach patients with diabetes signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and best treatment for hypoglycemia.

4. Pharmacists can provide the following medication education:

5. A Pharmacist Clinical can function as a mid-level provider and conduct physical exams, prescribe medications, order labs, and code/bill on their own license.

6. The following is/are aspect(s) of a pharmacist’s job in regards to medication management:

7. Pharmacists are in a unique position given patients with diabetes tend to have more medications than patients without diabetes and this leads to a greater number of encounters per year by a pharmacist verses their primary care provider.

8. Pharmacists can advance their education and specialize in different areas, which include:

9. Some certifications that pharmacists can obtain include a certification in Diabetes Management by ASHP, certification in Pharmacy-Based Cardiovascular Disease Risk Management by APhA, and Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Diabetes by APhA.