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Financial Aid

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How Financial Aid Works

The IHS Scholarship Program provides financial aid covering tuition, required fees and other educational and living expenses.

Tuition and Required Fees

IHS makes direct payment to your school covering tuition and required fees for the academic year. Summer school is excluded unless specifically requested and approved in advance.

Living and Educational Expenses

IHS provides a monthly stipend of no less than $1,500/month to assist our scholarship recipients in covering living expenses. Stipends are distributed beginning in August and are paid at the end of each month. Preparatory and Pre-Graduate scholarship recipients receive a stipend for a 10-month period while Health Professions scholarship recipients receive a stipend for 12 months.

In addition, IHS includes a one-time payment for educational expenses as part of your first stipend deposit. This payment includes:

  • School-required books, laboratory expenses, dental/ medical/optometric/podiatric/nursing equipment and other miscellaneous educational expenses.
  • Tutorial services — $400 (full time) or $200 (part time) to assist with tutorial services or licensure/board certification preparatory classes.
  • $300 to offset travel expenses to and from school for the year.
  • $35 to offset the expense for a post office box rental.

Additional funds will not be available unless you provide accurate documentation indicating that your one-time payment did not cover the educational expenses provided to our recipients.

Summer School

All scholarship recipients are eligible to receive financial aid for summer school per program policies. You are required to submit the following documentation by the April 22 deadline for review and approval of your request.

  • Summer School Request (IHS-856-21) form completed and signed by your school advisor.
  • Documentation of summer school tuition and fees.
  • Confirmation that your degree program requires your summer school course(s).
  • Written notification if the summer school course(s) is required to make up a failed required
  • course(s).

IHS will not approve summer school requests to take optional courses unrelated to your degree program. IHS will distribute a new award letter notifying you of the program’s approval of your summer school request. You must submit your award letter to your school’s business and financial aid offices, authorizing the school to bill IHS for summer school tuition and required fees.”

Preparatory and Pre-Graduate Scholarship Recipients

The IHS Scholarship Program will pay up to $700 for full-time students or $350 for part-time students for summer school tuition and fees as billed by your school. Full-time and Part-time summer school status is determined by your academic status during the fall and spring terms. For example, if a scholar was enrolled as a part-time student during either the fall 2023 or spring 2024 academic terms, they are only eligible for part-time funding during the summer 2024 term. You may enroll in as many credit hours as you choose, but you must pay additional costs beyond the amount the program provides. The program will not cover additional funds for books or other miscellaneous expenses.

Health Professions Scholarship Recipients

The IHS Scholarship Program will cover summer school tuition and required fees, per program policies. No additional funds are available for books or other miscellaneous expenses.

Required Documentation

You are required to submit a transcript to the IHS Scholarship Program office upon completion of your courses. Please ensure these are ordered early to guarantee prompt delivery once the summer term is completed. Please contact your Program Analyst to check if you need to submit an official transcript upon completion of summer school.