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IHS BCMA Documentation

Bar Code Medication Administration GUI (BCMA) Installation Guide and Release Notes [PDF - 419 KB]
Focus: Configuration
This document is the official release notes for installing BCMA GUI.

BCMA ADT Day Surgery Configuration [PDF - 38 KB]

BCMA Practice Improvement Assessment [PDF - 1 MB]
Focus: Pre-Configuration Assessment
Often referred to as the "Site Checklist," this document documents evaluation of a site's readiness for BCMA implementation.

Best Practices for Missed Medications [PDF - 94 KB]

Competencies Checklist [PDF - 40 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
This is a sample of basic BCMA competencies that should be mastered by users of BCMA software

Drug Issue Trouble Shooting [PDF - 21 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, Trouble Shooting
Troubleshooting problems with BCMA scans

End User Training [PDF - 120 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
Training guide and classroom exercises for BCMA scanning with a focus on Nurse users

GUI Guide [PDF - 319 KB]
Focus: Configuration
Step by step instructions on how to install the BCMA Broker and BCMA Client Software on workstations

Focus: Configuration, Pharmacy
This Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) incorporates the procedure for notifying the manufacturer or supplier, appropriate governing authorities, and appropriate contracting authorities of problematic drug product bar codes. This also includes instructions for the evaluation of problematic patient wristband bar codes.

Inpatient Medications Menus [PDF - 377 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
Sample BCMA Inpatient Medications Menus

Inpatient OB-GYN Menu [PDF - 35 KB]
Focus: Configuration
Inpatient OB-GYN Menu example from Claremore, Oklahoma

Manual Medication Entry [PDF - 84 KB]

Med Display Trouble Shooting [PDF - 19 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Trouble Shooting
Occasionally a workflow may cause an issue of Inpatient Medications incorrectly displaying as Outpatient Medications on a recently admitted patient. This document explains how this can be avoided.

Medication Administration Workflow [PDF - 382 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
This chart shows how the BCMA Inpatient Medication Administration Workflow works

Nurse Competencies Checklist [PDF - 65 KB]
Focus: Nursing
This sample BCMA Nursing Competency checklist may be used to document training for BCMA users

Overview of Infection Control [PDF - 126 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, all Healthcare Providers
This PowerPoint presentation is an overview of infection prevention and control for computers and keyboards used in patient care areas.

Pharmacist Trouble Shooting [PDF - 27 KB]
Focus: Pharmacy, Trouble Shooting
These are some topics that can be considered when troubleshooting issues that come up with BCMA

Pharmacy Detailed Training [PDF - 118 KB]
Focus: Pharmacy
This document details BCMA Pharmacy Training topics

Pharmacy Inpatient Checklist [PDF - 35 KB]
Focus: Pharmacy
This is an example of a checklist for reviewing the Pharmacy preparations needed for implementing BCMA

RN Finish Guide [PDF - 973 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
This document details steps for using the RN Finish key

RN Finish Notes [PDF - 25 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
These notes are from a conversation with the Choctaw BCMA coordinator in April, 2014

RPMS Omnicell Pyxis Configuration [PDF - 21 KB]
Focus: Configuration
Directions for RPMS Omnicell® & Pyxis® Configuration

RPMS Provider Setup [PDF - 19 KB]
Focus: Configuration
This table illustrates sample RPMS Provider Setups for BCMA

Sample Medication Administration by RN Policy and Procedure [Word - 38 KB]
Focus: Nursing
This sample policy and procedure defines responsibilities and delineates the processes for safe medication administration by nursing personnel while using BCMA.

Sample Patient Bar Code Wristband Policy and Procedure [Word - 32 KB]
Focus: Nursing
This sample policy and procedure lists the appropriate circumstances for printing the patient barcode wristband to ensure safe and effective bedside patient barcode wristband scanning.

Scanning Trouble Shooting [PDF - 65 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, Trouble Shooting
Explains some reasons for scanning failure

Scanning Trouble Shooting Matrix [PDF - 37 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, Trouble Shooting
Comprehensive matrix showing steps for resolving scanning failures

Scanning Trouble Shooting Workflow [PDF - 150 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, Trouble Shooting
Graphic showing scanning failure resolution workflow

Site Parameter GUI Configuration [PDF - 356 KB]
Focus: Configuration
This illustrates Site Parameter settings required for the BCMA GUI Configuration

Special Barcodes [PDF - 73 KB]
Focus: Nursing
These barcodes may be useful for adding comments and notations to medication administration documentation. They may be scanned and will insert the appropriate information into the electronic Medication Administration Record.

Timely Admin Policy Sample [PDF - 41 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
This is a sample of a Timely Administration of Scheduled Drugs Policy

Unable To Scan FileMan Script [PDF - 19 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy
Use this script to run the Medication Unable to Scan report

Unit Dose Tab Example [PDF - 50 KB]
Focus: Configuration, Pharmacy
This is a BCMA Unit Dose Tab Example

VA BCMA Documentation

Please note: The VA documents may take an extended amount of time to load.

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Other Resources

IHS Meaningful Use

Tips & Suggestions

These documents have been shared by various sites and include suggested routines for RPMS EHR and BCMA on a variety of topics.

ADT Patient Status Changes [PDF - 19 KB]
Focus: Nursing, HIM
This document details considerations when changing the status of a patient and the effect of orders.

BCMA Pre-Shutdown Routine [PDF - 19 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, IT
This document details things to consider when a shutdown of BCMA is needed.

BCMA Post Shutdown Routine [PDF - 19 KB]
Focus: Nursing, Pharmacy, IT
This document details things to consider when a shutdown of BCMA is needed.