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Sanitation Facilities Construction Program Services

Per Section 809 of P.L. 102-573, the following persons are eligible for Sanitation Facilities Construction Program Services:

  • Any member of a federally-recognized Indian tribe (As listed in the current Federal Register (PDF)) Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving (Link to website)

  • Any descendant of an Indian who was residing in California on June 1, 1852, but only if such descendant:
    1. is living in California,
    2. is a member of the Indian community served by a local program of the Service, and
    3. is regarded as an Indian by the community in which the descendant lives.
  • Any Indian who holds trust interests in public domain, national forest, or Indian reservation allotments in California.
  • Any Indian in California who is listed on the plans for distribution of the assets of California rancherias and reservations under the Act of August 18, 1958 (72 Stat. 619), and any descendant of such an Indian.

In addition, the applicant's homesite must meet other basic criteria to be eligible for service. Examples of other criteria include the homesite being located within the sponsor tribe's contract health service delivery area, the home being in like-new condition, and mobile homes being skirted and on a permanent foundation. Please contact the California Area Sanitation Facilities Construction Program at (916) 930-3945 for an IHS application for service and eligibility requirements.