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ISDEAA - PL 93-638 Section 105(I) Lease Proposals

The ISDEAA authorizes the IHS to enter into a lease with a Tribe or Tribal Organization for a facility used for administration and delivery of ISDEAA services.  The IHS is required under ISDEAA § 105(l) to enter into a “lease” upon the request of any Tribe or Tribal Organization furnishing a tribally leased or owned facility in support of the programs, services, functions, and activities carried out under its ISDEAA contract or compact.  Under the lease, the IHS must compensate the Tribe or Tribal Organization for its reasonable facility expenses. See links below for further information.

  • ISDEAA – P.L. 93-638 Section 105(l) Lease Proposals
    •  25 CFR 900.70 105(l) General Information and Requirements
      •  Lease Proposal Options (Forms)
        1. Based on Fair Market Rent;
        2. Based on combination of 900.70 (a) – (h) and Fair Market   Rental; or
        3. Based on 900.70 (a) – (h) only.