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October 1, 2016
Patient Newsletter - Fall 2016, Vol.8, Issue 4 (PDF)

In this issue: Staying Healthy During Influenza Season; Who Should Get An Annual Flu Vaccination?; Protect Your Children From Common Holiday Dangers; HPV Vaccine: Who Needs It, How It Works; Dietary Fiber; Why Do I Keep Hearing About Gluten?

July 1, 2016
Patient Newsletter - Summer 2016, Vol.8, Issue 3 (PDF)

In this issue: Hepatitis C Virus Screening & Treatment; Safety on a Budget; Osteoporosis; Pregnancy and Oral Health; Be Active Your Way; Why Do I Keep Hearing About Gluten?

April 1, 2016
Patient Newsletter - Spring 2016, Vol.8, Issue 2 (PDF)

In this issue: Your Personal Health Record; Avoid Illnesses Transmitted by Mosquitoes & Ticks This Summer; Bullying: Help Your Child Handle a Bully; Making Positive Nutritional Changes; Taking Care of Your Dentures; Why Do I Keep Hearing about Gluten

January 1, 2016
Patient Newsletter - Winter 2016, Vol.8, Issue 1 (PDF)

In this issue: Dietary Guidelines; Importance of Folic Acid in Women of Child-Bearing Age; Strategies for Staying Healthy During Influenza Season; Domestic Violence: Recognize patterns, seek help; Taking a Pause - Making New Year Re-Solutions; Hashimoto's Disease: The most common cause of hypothyroidism