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October 1, 2017
Patient Newsletter - Fall 2017, Vol.9, Issue 4 (PDF)

In this issue: Be Prepared For the Next Emergency; Flu Season Has Arrived: Are You Protected?; Cutting Back on Salt; Caring for Infants During the Winter; Have You Gotten a Pap Smear Lately?

July 1, 2017
Patient Newsletter - Summer 2017, Vol.9, Issue 3 (PDF)

In this issue: Keep Your Kids Drug-Free This Summer; Protect Your Baby By Getting Your Whooping Cough Vaccine While Pregnant; Safety Tips for Summer Heat; Good Nutrition Supports Substance Abuse Recovery

April 1, 2017
Patient Newsletter - Spring 2017, Vol.9, Issue 2 (PDF)

In this issue: Talk to Your Kids About the Dangers of Smoking; When to Seek Medical Care for Heartburn; Sports Should Include A Mouthguard; Positive Dietary Changes When Feeling Stuck; Wet Winter Means More Mosquitoes in California

January 1, 2017
Patient Newsletter - Winter 2017, Vol.9, Issue 1 (PDF)

In this issue: Strategies for Identifying and Addressing Depression in American Indian Youth; Taking Charge of Your Cardiovascular Health: A Guide to Common Conditions; What are the warning signs that a teen might be suicidal?; Anxiety: When to Seek Medical Help