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To support the delivery of health care and preventive services to American Indians and Alaska Natives and to safe­guard interests in property. 


DHFE advocates and supports tribes and tribal health programs at the national, state, and local levels regarding health facilities engineering. DHFE maintains a tribal health facilities database, formulates and distrib­utes annual budgets, develops projects, and participates on various national facilities related committees and workgroups. DHFE serves as the liaison between tribal health programs and other agencies, to satisfy compliance requirements. DHFE also assists tribal health programs with seeking alterna­tive funding sources. 

Facilities Planning 

DHFE assists with tribal planning efforts for site selection and develops facility criteria related to services provided, staffing levels, and facility space requirements for new or expanded tribal healthcare facilities.

Facilities Design and Construction

DHFE supports tribes with developing scopes of work, selecting consultants and construc­tion firms, and reviewing designs and con­struction progress for healthcare facilities engineering projects. This includes assistance with preparing requests and justifications for IHS and other funding sources for new or replacement facilities. 

Facilities Engineering 

DHFE provides guidance to tribes on the opera­tion and maintenance of healthcare facilities to ensure compliance with applicable laws, codes, and standards, and conducts periodic facility inspections to maintain compliance. DHFE also assists with developing programs for preventive maintenance, energy conservation, training, and accreditation and manages the Maintenance and Improvement funds appropriation for the tribal health programs. 

Clinical Engineering 

DHFE distributes replacement clinical equip­ment funds to the tribal health programs and provides a mechanism for acquiring excess government property. DHFE provides guidance for compliance with all federal laws, codes, and standards and assists with developing accredita­tion programs. DHFE also administers the tribal facilities general equipment program for new space constructed by the tribal health programs. 

Real Property 

DHFE provides guidance and support for activi­ties related to federal leases, tribal leases, and acquisition of excess federal properties. 


Call or email the IHS CA Area Office Director of Health Facilities Engineering.

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