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Division of Environmental Health Services (DEHS)

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Welcome to the California Area Division of Environmental Health Services


The Division of Environmental Health Services (DEHS) is part of the California Area Office of Environmental Health and Engineering. Our staff provide direct environmental health services and consultation to over 80 federally recognized tribes in the state of California. 

The range of services provided by the California Area DEHS Program is guided by the IHS Indian Health Manual Part 3, Chapter 11 and the IHS Technical Handbook for Environmental Health and Engineering Volume VIII.  Services are provided in the following areas of environmental health:

Indoor Air Quality
Community Facilities and Institutions
Community Injury Prevention
Drinking Water 
Food Safety
Institutional Environmental Health
     ♦  Health Care
     ♦  Industrial Hygiene
     ♦  Safety Management
Mass Gatherings and Recreation
Healthy Housing
Operation and Maintenance of Sanitation Facilities
Recreational Water and Water Features
Vector-borne and Communicable Disease Control
Waste Management
Emergency Management
Environmental Sustainability

Program Services

Basic services provided by our program include:

  • surveys and assessments
  • investigations and special studies
  • sampling, testing, monitoring
  • technical assistance and consultation
  • training
  • policy development
  • program support
California Area Injury Prevention Project Funding
February 5, 2024
California Area Injury Prevention Project Funding

Call or email an IHS CA Area Office Environmental Health support staff member.

Emergency Management

Natural disasters, accidents and emergencies occur everyday and it is important to be prepared to respond to these events.

Food Safety

The IHS California Area DEHS food safety program provides technical and programmatic support to Tribes on matters pertaining to food safety.