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Hazmat ClassNatural disasters, accidents and emergencies occur everyday and it is important to be prepared to respond to these events.

The IHS is the primary federal health care system and health services provider to the 566 federally recognized Tribes in the United States.  Compared to our Federal, State, local and Tribal partners, the IHS has a relatively small and limited support role in emergency and disaster preparedness, response and recovery in Indian Country.

The IHS California Area DEHS provided technical assistance and support to tribes and tribal organization engaged in emergency preparedness planning and training.  DEHS staff are available to provide the following services:

  • conduct hazard vulnerability analyses (HVA) of federal and tribal health care facilities
  • facility emergency plan development and review
  • identify local and national emergency management training resources
  • facilitate critical incident/disaster drills and exercises
  • technical guidance on disaster response health risks and associated best practices  



ACF Child Care Resources for Disasters and Emergencies ( website)

A resource page at the Office of Child Care for child care programs to prepare and respond to emergencies and disasters impacting their operations.

CASPER Toolkit ( PDF)

CDC's Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER) Toolkit.  A system for public health officials to rapidly determine the health status and basic needs of a community after a crisis incident or disaster.

Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Tribal Curriculum ( PDF)

EMI serves to build tribal capacity in emergency management.  For a list of courses available through EMI click the link.

Extreme Heat Toolkit for Tribes

The California Area Division of Environmental Health Services has developed an Extreme Heat Toolkit which can be used by Tribes to prepare for an extreme heat event in their area.

Flood Resources

Resources for flood cleanup and repair.


A Civilian-Military Cooperative Action Program between the IHS and the Department of Defense concerning the direct transfer of medical equipment and supplies obtained from military base closures and other sources such as the GSA excess program.

June 3, 2022
Wildfire Resources

Resources for use in preparing for wildfire season and protecting public health during a wildfire.

Wildfire Smoke Toolkit for Tribes

This toolkit aims to help Tribal leadership prepare their community for a wildfire smoke event and to education community members on the health effects of wildfire smoke exposure and the steps they can take to minimize these health impacts in their community.