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Flood Resources

Re-Entering Your Flooded Home (IHS 2016) (.doc)  Fact sheet template that can be customized for your public health program.  Summarizes the health risks and best practices for re-entering your home after a flood and starting a cleanup.

Protect Yourself From Mold (CDC, 2006) (PDF) Fact sheet discussing the health risks and protective measures recommended for cleaning up mold in your home.

Flood Cleanup (US EPA, 2012) (PDF)  Fact sheet that describes how to avoid indoor air quality problems during a flood cleanup.

Cleaning Flooded Buildings (FEMA, 2013) (PDF)  Fact sheet to help building owners and contractors working in structures that are not fully cleaned and dried shortly after flooding.

After the Flood (FEMA, 2013) (PDF)  Clean up and insurance claim tips.

Salvaging Damaged Family Treasures (FEMA, 2015) (PDF)  Fact sheet on salvaging valuables after a flood.

Repairing your flooded home (American Red Cross/FEMA) (PDF)  Step by step advice how to clean up, rebuild and get help after a flood.

USDA Food Safety & Power Outages (JPG)  USDA food safety recommendations for before, during and after floods that result in power outages.