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California Area Injury Prevention Project Funding

California Area Injury Prevention Project Funding

Each year the California Area IHS Injury Prevention Program offers tribal health programs within its service area the opportunity to apply for funding to purchase injury prevention equipment.  Specifically, programs may apply for funding to purchase child passenger safety seats, smoke detectors and bicycle helmets. 

Applications are sent out to the tribal health programs each October and are due in December.  Award notices are issued in January of the following year.

Eligibility:  All tribal health programs receiving environmental health services through the California Area Indian Health Service (IHS) Division of Environmental Health Services are eligible to apply for the injury prevention project funding.   Tribal health programs that have already taken their injury prevention program tribal shares are not eligible for this funding.    If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact:

          ♦ Carolyn Garcia: (916) 930-3981 x336;


Injury Prevention Special Projects

The California Area IHS is currently able to offer up to $3500 in injury prevention equipment or training fees to tribal health programs who develop a special injury prevention project in partnership with their local environmental health officer.  Applications are accepted throughout the calendar year.  To learn more about this funding opportunity, contact your local environmental health officer.  Contact information (PDF) is available.

Injury Prevention Project Application References

2024 Injury Prevention Project Scope of Work (PDF)

2023 Injury Prevention Project Application Guide (PDF)