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Wildfire Resources

Wildfire Websites

Wildfire and Indoor Air Quality  (US EPA) Guidance on what to do if you or your family is impacted by wildfire smoke from a wildfire near your home, office, or school.

AIRNow  (US EPA) Local air quality conditions and forecasts.

Wildfires: Are You Ready  ( How to prepare your home during a fire weather watch alert.

Fire Response and Recovery (CalEPA) Various resources and references pertaining to wildfire emergency preparedness, response and clean up.


Public Safety Power ShutOff

CAHAN  Emergency planning and response communication with public health partners.  Public Safety Power Shutoff alerts along with other public health alerts are distributed via this system.

Prepare For Powerdown ( Prepare for when your local energy company may need to turn off power during extreme weather or wildfire conditions.  Learn how to sign up to receive early warning notifications from your electric company regarding power safety shutoffs in your area. 

SMUD Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide ( (PDF) Guide to help customers and the community to prepare for power outages.

Wildfire Preparedness

Protect Your Family From Wildfire Smoke (California Area IHS) (PDF) Factsheet on what you can do now to prepare for wildfire season and protect your family's health. 

Wildfire Smoke: Indoor Air Filtration (US EPA, 2005) (PDF) A guide for choosing a portable air cleaner for use in your home during wildfire events.

Create a Clean Room to Protect Indoor Air Quality During a Wildfire (US EPA) Tips on creating a clean room in your home where levels of smoke and other particles are maintained as low as possible during a wildfire.

Wildfire Is Coming (CalFire) (PDF) This CalFire guide explains how to create a defensible space around your property.

How to Prepare for Wildfire ( (PDF) How to protect yourself and your property from wildfire.

How to Stay Safe When Wildfire Threatens (FEMA) (PDF) How to prepare for wildfire, survive during a wildfire and be safe after a fire.

Before, During and After a Wildfire (CalFire, 2018) (PDF) What to do before, during and after a wildfire.

Coping with Wildfire (FOH, 2015) (PDF) What to do before, during and after a wildfire in your area.

How to Prepare for a Wildfire (FEMA, 2015) (PDF) This booklet describes how to prepare for a wildfire.

Prepare for Fire Season (US EPA, 2018) (PDF) Steps you can take to protect you and your family during this year's wildfire season.

Preparing for Public Safety Power Shutdown (2019, Sempra Energy, Edison Electric, PG&E) A website dedicated to providing guidance to California residents on how to prepare for public safety power shutdowns in their area.

Backup Generator Factsheet (2019, Sempra Energy, Edison Electric, PG&E). Guidance on the selection and safe usage of backup emergency generator. 

ASHRAE Guide for Protecting Commercial Building Occupants from Wildfire Smoke (ASHRAE, 2021) (PDF)  Recommendations and checklist for preparing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and building measures to minimize occupant exposure to wildfire smoke during a wildfire or prescribed burn event.

CDC Guidance for General Population Disaster Shelters During the COVID-19 Pandemic (CDC, 2020)   For disaster shelter managers to identify the infection prevention measures that should be implemented at disaster shelters during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wildfire Smoke & Health

Smoke Management and Public Health (CalEPA, 2003) (PDF) A fact sheet that outlines the impact of wildfire smoke on health and actions to take to protect oneself.

Reduce Health Risks of Wildfire Smoke (US EPA ) (PDF)  Quick guide on how to protect you and your family's health when in an area impacted by wildfire smoke.

How Smoke from Fires Can Affect Your Health (AirNow) How to tell if wildfire smoke is affecting you or your family and how to protect yourself.

Wildfire Smoke Can Affect High Risk Groups (California Area IHS, 2018) (PDF) Eight tips for protecting yourself from Wildfire Smoke.

Protecting Children from Wildfire Smoke and Ash (US EPA, 2018) (PDF) Measures you can take to protect your children's health from wildfire smoke and ash.

Smoky Air From Fires (California Area IHS, 2018) A customizable template that offers tips to protect yourself and family from the harmful effects of wildfire smoke.

Asthma and Outdoor Air Pollution (US EPA 2004) (PDF) Fact sheet about the impacts of wildfire smoke on asthma sufferers and actions to take to protect one's health.

Guide to Air Cleaners (US EPA 2018) (PDF) Tips for selecting the right air cleaner/purifier to protect your family from exposure to wildfire smoke.

Selecting the Right Respirator (US EPA, 2019) (PDF) How to properly select and don a respirator (face mask) to reduce your exposure to wildfire smoke.

N95:  Donning and Doffing (NIOSH, 2010) (PDF) Guide on the proper way to put on and remove an N95 respirator.

Protect Your Lungs from Wildfire Smoke or Ash (US EPA, 2018) (PDF) Guide to selecting and using an N95 respirator (facemask).  

CDC Pet Disaster Kit Checklist (CDC) (PDF) Make sure your pets are ready for any kind of disaster by putting together a pet disaster-preparedness kit.

Protect Your Pets from Wildfire Smoke (US EPA 2019) (PDF) Protecting your pets from wildfire smoke.

Protect Your Large Animals and Livestock (US EPA 2019) (PDF) Protecting your large animals and livestock from wildfire smoke.

California Certified Air Cleaning Devices.  (California Air Resources Board) Provides a list of portable indoor air cleaning devices (air purifiers) that are certified by the California Air Resources Board as tested for electrical safety and meet ozone emission standards.

Wildfire Ash & Health

Protecting Public Health from Home and Building Fire Ash (CalEPA, 2015) (PDF) Hazards associated with wildfire ash and measures to take to protect you and your family's health.

Protect Yourself from Ash (US EPA, 2018) (PDF) Protecting yourself from harmful ash when you clean up after a wildfire.

Wildfire Recovery

Returning Home After a Fire (CDPH, 2017) (PDF) Tips to reduce your exposure to ash and protect your health when returning to your home after a fire.

Retail Food Safety During Temporary Power Outages (Shasta County, 2018) (PDF) Dealing with temperature abused food due to power outages.

Keeping Food Safe After a Fire (Michigan State University Extension 2018) (PDF) A food safety guide for homeowners returning home after a fire.

Food Safety During a Power Outage (USDA) A YouTube video that provides tips to reduce food waste and the risk of foodborne illness during power outages.

Emergency Guidance on Household Hazardous Waste generated by Wildfire (California DTSC, 2015) (PDF) Fact sheet on managing hazardous waste(s) separated from fire ash and debris.

Wildland Fire Chemical Cleanup (US Forest Service) (PDF) Guide concerning cleanup of chemical fire retardants applied by firefighters during wild land fires.

Protecting Public Health from Home and Building Fire Ash (CalEPA, 2015) (PDF) Fact sheet on health risks and recommended precautions when handling fire ash.

Emergency Guide on Wildfires (PDF) A CalEPA guidance on handling ash, debris and other hazardous materials from a burned structure.

Resources for Healthcare Providers

US EPA Wildfire Smoke Course (US EPA, 2021) Learn about the health effects associated with wildfire smoke and actions for patients to take before and during a wildfire.  This course is intended for physicians, registered nurses, asthma educators and others involved in clinical or health education.

 What Healthcare Providers Should Know About Particulate Pollution (US EPA, 2015) (PDF)   Quick guide concerning the health risk of exposures to wildfire smoke.

Portable Air Filtration Systems & HVAC in Healthcare Facilities (2018) (PDF)  A best practice guide on the use of portable air cleaners in a healthcare facility and recommended HVAC settings to minimize smoke infiltration.

Wildfire Smoke Guide for Public Health Officials (US EPA, 2019) (PDF) A technical guide for public health professionals for use in communicating health risks and precautions to the public.

Glossary of Acronyms used on this page

ASHRAE –American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

CAHAN – California Alert Network

CalEPA – California Environmental Protection Agency

CalFire – California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

California Area IHS – California Area Indian Health Service

California DTSC – Department of Toxic Substance Control

CDC – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

CDPH – California Department of Public Health

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

FOH – Federal Occupational Health

NIOSH –National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

PG&E – Pacific Gas & Electric

SMUD – Sacramento Municipal Utility District

US EPA – US Environmental Protection Agency

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture