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The IHS Sanitation Facilities Construction (SFC) Program provides safe drinking water and wastewater disposal systems for California Indian communities and individual homes. In support of this mission, the SFC Program offers these links and documents listed below:

Application for Sanitation Facilities (DOC 36KB)

Where do I send my completed application?  Mail or provide in person your completed application to an IHS office closest to you.  For a list of our California IHS Field Offices, view our About Us - Field Offices page.  Also, stop by the Office if you have any questions regarding IHS services. 

Instructions for Completion of Application for Sanitation Facilities
Links to supporting websites
Maintaining Your Septic System Guide
Postcard - IHS California Area Office Contact (PDF 236KB)
Healthy homes start with safe drinking water and sewer systems!
Poster - Healthy Home (PDF 674KB)
Requirements for Individual Sanitation Facilities (PDF 4.5MB)

A guide to the services provided by the Indian Health Service, California Area Office, OEHE, Sanitation Facilities Construction.

Septic System Homeowner Manual (PDF 1MB)
Septic System Operation and Maintenance for Homeowners (YouTube video)

What is a septic system? How does it work? What should you do to maintain your system and keep it functioning for years to come? This video will provide lessons for you to learn how to better take care of your septic system, to keep your family and your community safe.