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An Oral Cancer Screening Just May Save Your Life!

Screening for early changes in the oral tissues can help detect cancer at the early stages when it can be more successfully treated.

Dental Care for Special People

Good oral health can help people with special conditions to keep their teeth.


Dentures are removable prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth.

Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Diabetes can cause problems with your eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart, as well as oral health problems.

Linking Poor Oral Health to Poor General Health

Periodontal Disease (gum disease) may contribute to other health risks.

Osteoporosis Medicines and your Dental Health

Osteoporosis affects 10 million Americans and is much more prevalent in women.


There are a number of risks associated with piercings.

Pregnancy and Oral Health

If you are planning a pregnancy, schedule a dental checkup.

Sports Should Include a Mouthguard

A properly fitted mouthguard is an integral piece of sports equipment.

Steps to Take to Prevent Early Childhood Caries

If you care for an infant it is important to realize that as soon as the baby’s teeth first appear, they are susceptible to decay.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants represent one of the greatest advances of modern dentistry.

What is Fluoride Varnish?

Fluorides have been used for many years to help prevent decay.