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Pierced Tongue


Piercings:  There can be problems!

Tongue piercing as well as piercing of the lips, and cheeks has gained in popularity.  There are a number of risks associated with piercings, including:

Infection.    The most common risk of piercing is infection.  Infection can occur at the site of the piercing.  The jewelry makes it easier for food to collect and bacteria to thrive at the site of the piercing.   It is possible for bacteria to enter the bloodstream during the piercing process and cause infections in the heart (endocarditis). 

Bleeding.  Tongues have numerous blood vessels and serious bleeding can result from a tongue piercing. 

Swallowing and Inhalation.  If the jewelry comes loose it can easily be swallowed, or even more dangerous, be aspirated into the lungs. 

Chipped  teeth.   Teeth, fillings, and dental crowns and bridges can be damaged.   Repair can be expensive.   There have been cases where teeth were fractured beyond repair, requiring extraction. 

Damage to the gums.  The constant contact with the jewelry can cause gum tissue to recede from the teeth and roots, which can create sensitive teeth and increase the risk of root decay.   It is also possible for gums irritated by the jewelry to grow excessively.  The gum tissue can grow over the jewelry and become stuck in the gums. 

Whether you already have a piercing or our considering one, please think of the possible risks!