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This site is a forum for American Indian healthcare professionals working with diabetes in the California Area.  Information is available regarding annual Diabetes Audit reporting, Indian Health Services Standards of Care, California Area Native American Diabetes Organization (CAN-DO) webinars, educational resources, and experts working in the field.

In 1997, Congress appropriated a special diabetes fund which initiated the Grants for Special Diabetes Programs for Indians (SDPI).  In fiscal year 2015, there were 36 SDPI Community-Directed grants (CD) in California for both Tribal and Urban programs.  Since the inception of the SDPI program, the priority focus has been improvement in diabetes care and prevention.  SDPI-CD grants are currently funded on a federal fiscal year basis, October 1 - September 30.

Each program with an SDPI-CD grant participates in the annual IHS Diabetes Audit.  Data collected are aggregated to evaluate trends and are reported nationally, by IHS Area, and by program.  The most recent California Area Diabetes Audit data are from the 2015 Diabetes Audit report.  The data period for this report was calendar year 2014.  The number of active American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) clients with diabetes was 6,392.  The Audit report is based on the IHS Diabetes Standards of Care and contains over 50 data elements.  Specific outcomes for data measures related to quality diabetes care are listed below:

  • Hemoglobin A1c <8% (measure of glycemic control):  56% of cohort
  • Blood Pressure <140/<90 (hypertension management): 66%
  • LDL Cholesterol <100 mg/dl:  46%
  • Depression screening:  86%
  • Body Mass Index assessment:  98%
  • Diabetes education provided:  86%

In 2004, nine California Tribal/Urban Indian healthcare programs competed for and received national level funding through one of two arms of the competitive diabetes grants: Primary Prevention of Diabetes or Cardiovascular Risk Reduction for people with diabetes.  Three more programs received funding later.  These two research translation projects have demonstrated positive results in preventing the onset of diabetes and in reducing cardiovascular risk for those with existing diabetes.  Programs are currently working on a dissemination phase with the goal of spreading their success throughout Indian country.


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