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Where can I learn more about SDPI grants?

Visit the IHS website for Special Diabetes Programs for Indians (SDPI) About Us section.

Also, read the current Report to Congress which outlines the positive outcomes in AI/AN communities resulting from SDPI grant funding support.

I'm a new diabetes program staff member and I'm unsure where to start. Who do I call for guidance on our Diabetes program?

Welcome to Indian Health!  Please contact the Area Diabetes Consultant (ADC) for guidance (916-930-3981).  The ADC will provide you with information and support to help you achieve success in your diabetes program.

How do I network with other California Area Indian health programs?

The Area Diabetes Consultant (ADC) maintains a contact list for all CA diabetes programs and can assist in connecting you with other diabetes teams.  In addition, the ADC hosts several webinars each year for CA diabetes programs.  This group is called the California Area Native American Diabetes Organization (CAN-DO).  Contact the ADC for the webinar schedule.