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Division of Facilities Management

Our Mission

The mission of the Oklahoma City Area Division of Facilities Management (DFACM) is to support delivery of health care to American Indians and Native Alaskans by creating and maintaining the optimum health care environment for both patients and health care providers.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Fully supporting the transition for Tribes that choose to assume either Title I or Title V facility management responsibilities
  • Providing maximum assistance to Tribes that retain their IHS Facility Management Services shares, in whole or in part
  • Targeting the unmet need for maximum effectiveness with limited resources.
  • Providing engineering and architectural administrative support to health care facility staff
  • Promoting, planning and constructing health care facility improvements that:
    • Improves ease of health care access to the public
    • Meets or exceeds health care accreditation standards
    • Provides for maximum life-cycle cost efficiency
    • Promotes well being and comfort for the staff and patients
    • Maintains and enhances operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Utilizes the latest and best in health care design and technology
  • Promoting, planning and monitoring health care facility maintenance programs that:
    • Guarantees public safety
    • Maintains high health care accreditation standards
    • Ensures continuity of operations
    • Maintains a healthy environment for staff and patients
    • Incorporates best practices in sustainability
    • Reflects pride in service

Contact Information:

Office of Environmental Health and Engineering
Attn: Facilities Management
701 Market Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73114


Bobbie Gonzalez - (A) Director - 405-951-3744
CDR Hugo Gonzalez, PE - Senior Staff Engineer - 405-951-3857
Robert Standingwater - Staff Engineer - 405-951-3875
Jerry Morris - Construction Inspector/Estimator - 405-255-9051
Peggy Treaster - Administrative Assistant - 405-951-3848