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Image Standard


All images found on websites will have relevance to the site they are located on and must enhance understanding of the topic.


Note: The term image in this standard refers to photos, icons, drawings, pictures, etc.

  • There is an obvious relationship of the image and the page topic.
  • Images must have alt text that fully and accurately describes what the image is showing.
  • Background images are not allowed.
  • Image maps are not allowed.
  • Images are free of any copyrights. If an image is used that is owned by someone other than IHS, explicit permission must be given from the person/company that provided the image and it must be noted directly below the image.
  • Images are an acceptable size.
  • Images are located in the respective websites /images/ folder.
  • If photos of people are used, IHS must have either a signed Adult Appearance Release Form [PDF - 81 KB] or a Minor Appearance Release Form [PDF - 80 KB] on file. It is the responsibility of the websites Content Manager to provide a copy of the signed form to Web Services Management as well as keeping the original on file.
  • HHS and IHS logos are NOT used.

Justification and Reasoning:

This standard ensures that images on are relevant and supplemental to the content on as well as ensuring appropriate permission has been granted for use.