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Links Standard


All links must follow all the following requirements to ensure Section 508 compliance, usability, appropriateness and consistency. Links must be used sparingly in body content. The majority of your links should be placed outside of the informational content (paragraphs) on the page. Too many links interfere with content readability and decreases link use. Links must have descriptive text. Using text "Click here", "Read more" or similar should be avoided.


  • All non-left navigation links must be standard blue (unvisited) and purple (visited).
  • A web site URL address may not be displayed as a link and should have a descriptive link title that is relevant to the link.
  • Links to documents must open in new browser tabs.
  • Links to files must indicate the file type and size immediately following the link.
  • All navigation links must stay within the respective website and must only be to its respective website web pages and NOT to documents or other websites, internal or external.
  • All external links (non have the standard exit disclaimer.
  • All external links must be free from hate, bias and discrimination. In addition, they may not contain misleading, unsubstantiated claims or information that conflicts with the mission of IHS.
  • External links to websites must open in a new browser tab.
  • All links must point to a legitimate .gov, .mil, or relevant .org website. Links to .com websites must be reviewed and approved by the Web Services Manager.
  • If a link is broken and cannot be fixed it must be removed.

Justification and Reasoning:

This standard ensures consistency across all of and allows visitors to easily locate and identify links. Additionally, this standard ensures that the end user knows what/where the link will take them.