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For more information about maintenance districts and other strategies for controlling septic system failures in your communIty, contact the National Small Flows Clearinghouse’s (NSFC) technical assistance department at (800) 624-8301. The Indian Health Service acknowledges and appreciates the efforts of the NSFC in development of this guide. This guide was prepared by the Indian Health Service based on an NSFC publication (Pipeline, Fall 1995, Vol. 6, No.4).

You are encouraged to share, copy, or distribute any information in this guide with others in your community. The articles can be reprinted in local newspapers or included in flyers, newsletters, and educational presentations. Please send a copy of the reprinted article to NSF C for their files.
Again, if you have any questions or require further information about any of the topics in this guide, please contact the Indian Health Service or the National Small Flows Clearinghouse at (800) 624-8301.