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Diabetic Foot Care and the CHR (PDF)
By K.Shumway (RSBCIHI)
Everyone with Diabetes Counts: Diabetes Self-Management Education (PDF)
By A.Hughes (HSAG)
Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country - Round Table Exercise Notes (PDF)

Establishing Clinic/Provider Links to Community Health and Wellness Projects

By H.Cain (CDC), A.Stutman (CRIHB)
Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country (PDF)
By H.Cain (CDC), A.Stutman (CRIHB)
Guidelines for Pediatric Obesity (PDF)
By D.Styne (UC Davis)
Helping Youth Find Joy in Recovery (PDF)
By F.Hallahan (Chestnut)
Hepatitis C Overview (PDF)
By B.Reilley (NPAIHB), K.Cassel (CRIHB)
HIPAA and Privacy (PDF)
By S.Dahl (CRIHB)
HIV: Update on Epidemiology and PrEP (PDF)
By B.Reilley (IHS)
Introduction to the Integrated Data Collection System Data Mart (IDCS DM) (PDF)
By C.Brennan (IHS)
Introduction to Vaccines (PDF)
By A.Groom, C.Jim (IHS)
Medication-Assisted Treatment in Primary Care (PDF)
By G.Bell (Chapa De)
Native American Health Center's Pediatric Group Visit Program (PDF)
By L.McLively, S.Pirotin (NAHC)
Patient Engagement and Health IT (PDF)
By C.Lamer (IHS)
Promoting Behavior Change in Type 2 Diabetes (PDF)
By W.Polonsky (Behavioral Diabetes)
Suicide Prevention Strategies in Tribal Communities (PDF)
By D.Kawkeka, D.Domaguin (CRIHB)
Treatment of Native American Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders (PDF)
By E.Streeter (IHS)
Youth Obesity (PDF)

Efforts to reduce obesity and obesity-related chronic health problems in Round Valley Youth

By M.Aragon, C.Britton (RVIHC)