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Potowat Promising Programs

Potowat Community Food Garden

United Indian Health Service, Inc.

Nutrition Department (707) 825-5030

Photo of Ed Shonnie and Lawrence Mata enjoy working in the Potawat Community Food Garden.

Ed Shonnie and Lawrence Mata enjoy working in the Potawat Community Food Garden.

The Potawot Community Food Garden is a three-acre organic food garden and orchard which sits within the 20 acres of the Ku'wah-dah-wilth restoration area (Ku'wah-dah-wilth means "comes back to life" in the Wiyot language). The Potawot Community Garden produces top-quality produce, leads hands-on nutrition activities, promotes community garden efforts, hosts community events, and operates a twice weekly produce stand in the growing season. The program is partially funded by the revenue from the garden produce stand. Produce is distributed to outlying communities, and "veggie bucks" from various programs are accepted at the produce stand. The garden strives to connect the United Indian Health Service clients with the healing quality of gardening and the Potawot property

The food garden provides an opportunity for hands-on nutritional experiences that help to lay the foundation for a lifelong habit of eating nutritious foods. It helps the community feel more connected to where their food comes from, and inspires home gardening and thus improves food security. It provides an avenue to the spiritual connection that we have lost with our food system and our dinner plates. It produces high fiber, vitamin and mineral-rich foods, promotes physical activity, and a connection to community and place.