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IHS National Behavioral Health Workgroup (BHWG)

The purpose of the BHWG is to direct the IHS Behavioral Health Initiative which focuses on preventing suicide, reducing methamphetamine abuse, protecting families from violence and improving data quality and relating tribal concerns about mental health, alcohol and substance abuse issues and explore how mental health can complement alcohol and substance abuse in the spirit of integration to better address behavioral health needs.  Nominations to fill the Representative and/or Alternate positions by a Tribe should be submitted to the Director of the California Area IHS.  The Area Director submits the written nomination letter to the IHS Director.

Representative Alternate

Elaine Fink, Tribal Representative, North Fork Rancheria

Kyle Nelson, Tribal Representative, Shingle Springs Rancheria


California Area Representative

Justin Peglowski
Acting Behavioral Health Consultant, Indian Health Service/California Area Office
Phone:  (951) 708-4040
Fax:  (951) 767-9820