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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Indian Health Service (IHS) proposing to build in California?

The IHS has built one Youth Regional Treatment Centers (YRTC) in Hemet, California and is in the planning and development stage for building a second facility in Davis, California.

Why is the IHS proposing the YRTCs?
Who will the YRTCs serve?

The centers will provide residential chemical dependency treatment for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth, ages 12-17.

Are they detention treatment centers? Will they house violent criminals?
Does the IHS operate similar treatment centers?

Yes. Some of the YRTCs have been operating continuously for almost 20 years.

Will the treatment centers affect public safety in the neighborhoods?
Will the treatment centers bring revenue and/or jobs to the local communities?
What will the YRTC's look like?
Will there be more information available to the community? How can the community provide input about the treatment center and the IHS' plans?