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Will the treatment centers bring revenue and/or jobs to the local communities?


We believe that each YRTC’s projected $4 million annual budget should provide modest benefits to the local economy. The combined budget to construct the two facilities is approximately $34 million. The budgets for construction and operations could provide the local communities with new jobs and new customers for local businesses. Each treatment center will employ about 70 people, including:

  • 27 certified health care and mental health professionals,
  • 23 resident attendants and peer counselors,
  • 13 maintenance and food service workers,
  • 5 administrative staff, and
  • 2 teachers

IHS will accept applications from the local community. However, it’s impossible to predict how many of the jobs will be filled by local community members. IHS must comply with the Federal Indian Preference hiring policy which ensures that members of federally-recognized Tribes qualified for IHS vacancies receive first consideration. On average, at other YRTCs, 50 percent of the employees were hired under Indian Preference.