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July 2014 Update

July 17, 2014

The Construction Documents for the southern California YRTC, in Riverside County, have been completed and the Solicitation for the General Contract was submitted to Federal Business Opportunities on June 17th.

The construction project could be awarded as early as late September, with construction to be completed in December 2015.

The funding for the design and construction for the northern California YRTC, near D-Q University, in Yolo County, has been proposed for the FY 2015 Federal Budget.

Pending Congressional approval of the FY 2015 Federal Budget, we could be seeking a design team in early spring, 2015.

The design for the first YRTC was completed in just over 18 months. 

Given that the two facilities, north and south, follow the same program guidelines for function, and therefore design of the building, the IHS anticipates the facilities to be nearly identical, with site specific adjustments only.