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Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee Directory


Tribal Co-Chair

Connie Barker
Oklahoma City Area Representative

Federal Co-Chair

Ann Bullock, MD
Director, Division of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

Tribal Representatives

One Tribal leader member and one Tribal leader alternate from each IHS Area is selected by the respective IHS Area Director in consultation with Area Tribes. For more information or to contact a TLDC member, please email the Division of Diabetes.

Alaska Area

Evelyn Beeter, Primary
Diana L. Zirul, Alternate

Albuquerque Area

Beverly Coho, Primary
Alternate Vacant

Bemidji Area

Phyllis Davis, Primary
Alternate Vacant

Billings Area

Lynn Cliff, Jr., Primary
Dana "Sam" Buckles, Alternate

California Area

Rosemary Nelson, Primary
Dominica Valencia, Alternate

Great Plains Area

Nathan Davis, Primary
Eddie Johnson, Alternate

Nashville Area

Eddie Tullis, Primary
Edie Baker, Alternate

Navajo Area

Jonathan Nez, Primary
Edison J. Wauneka, Alternate

Oklahoma City Area

Connie Barker, Primary and Tribal Co-Chair
Nancy Elliott, Alternate

Phoenix Area

Darlene Rubio, Primary
Amber Torres, Alternate

Portland Area

Cassandra Sellards-Reck, Primary
Sharon Stanphill, Alternate

Tucson Area

Daniel Preston III, Primary
Alternate Vacant

Technical Advisors

Technical Advisors from five national American Indian and Alaska Native organizations serve in an advisory (non-voting) capacity to the Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee.

Direct Service Tribes Advisory Committee

Primary Vacant
Alternate Vacant

National Congress of American Indians

Nicholas Courtney, Primary
Jacob Schellinger, Alternate

National Indian Health Board

Primary Vacant
Stacy Bohlen, Alternate

Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee

Mickey Peercy, Primary
Tammie Cannady, Alternate

National Council of Urban Indian Health

Ruth Anne McGovern, Primary
Adrianne Maddux, Alternate