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DDTP Data Systems: Audit/SOS Login

The DDTP Data Systems include the Diabetes WebAudit and SDPI Outcomes System (SOS). To use either of these, you must have an IHS Web Account and permission from the system administrators. See below for additional requirements and information.

If you already have access to a DDTP Data System, click on the link below to login and/or reset your password.



To use any DDTP Data System, you must have a computer with internet access and a browser, such as Microsoft Edge.

Access is generally limited to:

  • WebAudit: Individuals directly involved with conducting Diabetes Audits.
  • SOS: SDPI program staff.

NOTE: Each user must have their own account.

Account Requests and Information

  1. Register for an IHS Web Account, if you do not already have one.
    • The username and password for this account are separate from the account you use to log in to your local network.
    • Use the same IHS Web Account for all DDTP Data Systems (WebAudit and SOS).
  2. Request access. Click on the link below for the system you need access to. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Questions or problems?

Most access requests will be reviewed in 48 hours or less. You will be notified via email if your request is approved or there are questions from the administrators.

For other questions or if you have forgotten your username: