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SDPI Community-Directed Grant Resources

Important Dates & Links



  • SDPI Training – Information about upcoming and recorded required, optional, and Q&A webinars.

SDPI Diabetes Best Practices and SOS

SDPI Basics

  • What is Required for this Grant – Overview of grant expectations and requirements, including a link to a copy of the Programmatic Terms and Conditions.
  • Tips for New Program Coordinators – Steps towards getting a "running start" on your SDPI Community-Directed grant. This page also has contact information for your Grants Management Specialist.


Please include your name, contact information, program name, and grant number when submitting questions.

  • For questions on this webpage, or SDPI Community-Directed Training Requirements, contact the SDPI Team.
  • For any other questions about your grant, contact your Area Diabetes Consultant.