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SDPI Grant Program
Continuation Application for 2021

Application Kit Access

Non-competitive applications must be accessed and submitted using

  1. Log into GrantSolutions. Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving 
  2. Click on "Apply for Non Competing Award"; this link will be available under "My Grants List".
  3. Complete online forms and upload file attachments for each enclosure in the application kit.
  4. Once forms and uploads are complete, Verify, then submit your application using the buttons and prompts provided on the GrantSolutions screen.

Recorded Webinars

The following required and optional webinars are available below. Further information including slides and resources are provided on the SDPI Training webpage.

Instructions and Checklists

Application Template and Reports

In the GrantSolutions application kit, some forms can be completed within the package. In addition, the following template and reports must be completed or downloaded and attached to the application kit. Review the Instructions [PDF – 1.4 MB] to ensure that you have included all required forms, templates, and other documents in your application kit.

Additional Resources

The following may be helpful in preparing your application:

Application Due Date and Submission

Due to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are two options for submitting the SDPI continuation application for 2021.

  1. Option 1 – Submit all documents and forms by September 2, 2020 via GrantSolutions.
  2. Option 2 – Submit in two parts:
    1. By September 2, 2020: Submit the SF-424 and a brief written statement of continuation via GrantSolutions.


    2. By December 15, 2020: Submit the remaining application documents in GrantSolutions as a grant note.

You may submit your program’s continuation application documents as soon as they are completed, even if that’s earlier than the dates noted above.

What Comes Next?


All applications will be screened for adherence to the instructions and submission of all required documents. Applicants that do not submit all required documents in the correct format may be contacted to provide the missing documentation. Grantees may also be notified of missing documents and reports as a Special Grant Condition on their 2021 Notice of Award.


Applications that pass screening will then be reviewed by the Program Officer or their designee. Applications will be reviewed and either approved or approved with restrictions. Continuation Application approval is dependent on:

  1. Compliance with Terms and Conditions outlined in the 2020 Notice of Award
  2. Satisfactory business (fiscal) review
  3. Satisfactory programmatic review, including:
    1. Completeness of information using the correct Project Narrative template.
    2. Documented baseline data from the SOS.
    3. Documented plan for continued work and evaluation in 2021.

Grantees with applications that are approved with restrictions will have Special Grant Condition(s) placed on their 2021 Notice of Award. Special Grant Conditions are notes added onto the Notice of Award that describe missing documentation or revisions needed. Some special grant conditions may also place funding restrictions until certain documents or revisions are submitted and approved.


Please include your name, contact information, and program name when submitting questions.