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Nutrition / Dietitian Update - December 22, 2015

Hi All,

Our contact list (PDF) is updated again, a additions and updates. The three pdf attached were attached to the prior (12/10) email. I’m resending them as a few more have been added our distribution list.  

  1. Keep forwarding any changes or corrections needed to our contact list please. They’ll be included in the next email.
  2. Mondays 1-2pm are the best days/times to have regularly scheduled RD/Nutritionist virtual meetings.  Please plan on 1/11/16 from 1-2pm (2nd Monday of the month) for our 1st try at connecting virtually to share and network. I’ll send a reminder a few day before.
    1. The adobe room link is:  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
    2. The call in number is 1(800) 832-0736, code *6411441#
      1. When you connect to the adobe room, please select use “Dial-in to Audio Conference Via Phone” option.
      2. If you have a headset with mic or earbuds with mic you may prefer using them versus your phone.
    3. If you’ve not participated in adobe connect meeting, this link  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving gives you an idea of how the rooms look and a few tips…sort of a visual orientation.
    4.  4 additional tips, that may help connect to adobe easier:
      1. If you see this message (image below), select “Yes”. Because adobe connect at times performs updates, selecting yes will allow “Add-Ins” to be installed that may be needed to connect properly.
        Adobe Connect Dialog box
      2. If you see this (image below) when logging in, you can click on the X to close the window or click the X to close the window after read the 5 messages.
        Adobe Connect Dialog box
      3. When you see this (image below) click the “Dial?in to Audio Conference Via Phone” option. And use your phone and conference call number (number displayed will be the same as the one listed above).
        Adobe Connect Dialog box
      4. After you’ve gotten into the adobe room, at the top of the screen click on the tab next to the green speaker icon (image below), and select “Mute My Speakers”…This helps to stop the clicking or echo caused between your computer and phone.
        Adobe Connect Dialog box
  3. If you have resources to share that we can add to our Portal, email and let me know.
  4. Find instructions on how to join our CAO Nutrition/Dietitian portal.



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