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Nutrition / Dietitian Update - March 13, 2019

Hi Nutrition/Dietitian Contacts,

Hi All, 


  1. I've cleaned up our contact list (pdf). Thanks for the input provided and I look forward to receiving any other changes or corrections. If someone else in your organization should be added in addition to you, please let me know that too.
  2. If you missed, or will miss any of the DDTP nutritionally focused webinars this month, you'll find them a few weeks later at:
  3. Food, Planet, Health - Summary of the EAT Lancet Commission (pdf) has some helpful information and visuals. It may help you in showing how those in the know are headed in regards to healthy diet recommendations, help you see where our dietary guidelines may be headed at some point in time, and assist you countering fad or trending diets. 
  4. Repeat Info: The annual California Medical Best Practices Conference will take place in Sacramento at the Holiday Inn Downtown May 20-22, 2019, followed by California Diabetes Day May 23, 2019. As in prior years the topics covered will be diverse, with many applicable nutritional aspects of patient care. CPEU will be provided, for sessions such historical grief & trauma, improving no-show rates, domestic violence/intimate partner violence, integrating behavioral health with primary care, immunizations, pediatric endocrinology, motivational interviewing, and much more! The Indian Health Service encourages healthcare programs to send clinic teams, including dietitians and those who provide nutrition education. Register at no cost is at: To reserve guest rooms at the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown – Arena call (916) 446-0100 and mention group code QIH.  Group rate available for reservations made prior to Friday, April 5, 2019.  
  5. Instructions on how to join the IHS CAO Nutrition / Dietitian portal.



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