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America's Child Soldiers: Gang Violence, Trafficking, & Trauma

Gang-involved youth in the US have been likened to “America’s child soldiers”, particularly in regard to their exposure to trauma. Involvement in armed groups, from revolutionary movements to gangs, is a major contributor to children’s experience of trauma and concomitant psychological sequelae. Although in some situations children are forcibly recruited into armed groups, in many contexts recruitment processes and reasons for joining are complex and involve a degree of choice and social agency. This webinar will explore the conditions that contribute to youth affiliation with armed groups, including racialized structural and economic violence, individual and community traumatization, and high-risk behavioral adaptations to chronic violence. Findings of research with gang-involved youth and anecdotal evidence will be used to elucidate the pathway by which American children may join armed groups and the traumatic effects of gang involvement. Parallels between gang-involved youth in the U.S. and child soldiers in other countries, as well as U.S. youth who have been trafficked in other contexts, will be discussed. Current promising approaches to trauma-informed intervention with this population will be described and recommendations for intervention, research, and system reform will be made.

By National Child Traumatic Stress Network
June 1, 2020
Human Trafficking Awareness

Human Trafficking Awareness webinar will offer projects on the development of anti-trafficking strategies, policies, and programs to prevent human trafficking, build health and human service capacity to respond to human trafficking, increase victim identification and access to services, and strengthen health and well-being outcomes of survivors of human trafficking. The video features presentations from Heather Hagelberger, and Elizabeth Pfenning, Program Specialist, with the HHS Office on Trafficking In Persons. Heather is the Human Trafficking Project Coordinator with the Alaska Native Justice Center

By ANA and Alaskan T/TA Center
Promoting Trauma-Informed Policies and Practices to Address Child Sex Trafficking

This webinar will provide examples of state and federal policy issues related to child sex trafficking. Further, NCTSN resources related to the topic will be shared.

By National Child Traumatic Stress Network
The Impact of Polyvictimization in Victims of Human Sex Trafficking

In this webinar Sujata Regina Swaroop discusses the complex issues of human trafficking, how it transects with both polyvictimization and complex trauma, and how to serve survivors.

By National Child Traumatic Stress Network