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Polyvictimization and Sexual Exploitation of Young Girls and Women

In this webinar Lisa Goldblatt-Grace defines CSEC and describes the scope of the problem of the commercial sexual exploitation of both girls and young women in the US. Through case examples, the presenter describes how childhood sexual abuse and other early traumas can increase risk for CSEC and complicate efforts at engagement and treatment.

By National Child Traumatic Stress Network
When NO is Not Enough: Information on Teen Sexual Assault

In observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, please join us for a very important webinar where presenters will be discussing both sexual assault that occurs within the context of ongoing relationships AND those that occur in a one-time interaction (e.g., at a party, among casual acquaintances, friends, etc. who are not in an ongoing intimate/romantic relationship). Presenters include a mother who will speak about her LGBTQ daughter’s experiences of sexual assault  at school as well as their participation in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).

By National Child Traumatic Stress Network