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Tips for New Program Coordinators

Abbreviations Used

The information on this webpage is intended primarily for SDPI Program Coordinators, but other program staff may find it useful. Review steps below to learn more about and get involved in your SDPI Community-Directed grant.

1. Review your program's Notice of Award (NoA): Find your program's latest NoA issuing new funds to determine the following:

  • Find your grant number: Referencing your program's grant number will help you and others find your program more efficiently. This number can be found on the first page upper left hand corner of your NoA.
  • Read the entire NoA, including the Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions provide information and requirements about the business and programmatic aspect of the grant.

2. Introduce yourself: Ensure that the following have your contact information:

  • Division of Diabetes: The SDPI Team manages the programmatic aspect of your grant including the content of your reports, Best Practices, project narrative of your applications, and this website.
  • Area Diabetes Consultant (ADC): ADCs are located in your IHS Area and can provide programmatic and clinical assistance with your grant. Your ADC works more closely with your program so you will want to contact them regarding questions that are more specific to your program. Find your ADC's contact information on the ADC Directory.
  • Division of Grants Management (DGM): Manages the business aspect of your grant including content of the standard forms (SF), grants policy, and GrantSolutions. Your latest NoA Terms and Conditions and table below provide contact information for your program's Grants Management Specialist (GMS) or you can call DGM at (301) 443-5204.
IHS Area GMS Name GMS phone
Albuquerque, Nashville, Navajo, Phoenix, Tucson John Hoffman (301) 443-2116
Great Plains, Portland, Oklahoma City Cherron Smith (301) 443-2192
Alaska, Bemidji, Billings Patience Musikikongo (301) 443-2059
California and Urban Pallop Chareonvootitam (301) 443-2195

3. Get Access to GrantSolutions: GrantSolutions is a web-based grants management system that will contain your program’s recent applications and NoAs. Check with your program first, then contact Paul Gettys at (301) 443-2114.

4. Get Organized: Follow the steps below to catch up on your program's current status.

  • SDPI Required Training: SDPI grantees are required to attend and track trainings specific to the SDPI grant. For questions, email the SDPI Team.
  • Due Date Table: Download the SDPI Timetable [PDF – 109 KB] and check with your staff, ADC, and your GMS to be sure your program is current with all required reports/documents.
  • Best Practices: Review your current application and get familiar with your program's selected Best Practice for the current budget period.

5. Want more information? Check out the Fact Sheets or the Reports to Congress.


Please include your name, contact information, program name and grant number (if known) when submitting questions via email.