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Nutrition / Dietitian Update - June 22, 2018

Hi Nutrition/Dietitian Contacts, 

I hope this finds each of you well and busy as summer begins. Attached is our updated contact list ready for you to review. Please let me know if any needed corrections or changes are needed for you and/or your clinic. 

A few things to share: 

  1. Attached is the presentation Gavin Moloney, MS RD gave at the recent CAO Best Practices Conference. It can help you in understanding how the NIH Body Weight Planner (PDF) can be used as a resource in assessing more accurately calorie requirements to provide patients with practical recommendations and/or help them become a bit more curious about calories. Please note, after Gavin presented NIH announces the Body Weight Planner was moved back to Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving - from USDA where it had been located. This resource happens to be what the CDR Obesity Treatment Certificate training recommends to be used, over more traditional formulas.
  2. Attached to review and share forward with other, is information on the next California, Creating Community Circles for Change (C-4). This year this community focused event will be September 12-14, at is being hosted by Lake Konocti Vista Casino with Lake County Tribal Health serving as host.
  3. We are still working on having a more CA specific recorded presentation regarding MNT Reimbursement/RD 3rd party billing. The intent is to address California issues that possibly the DDTP March Show Me the Money MNT Reimbursement 101 presentation wasn't able to address. 
  4. Instructions on how to join the IHS CAO Nutrition / Dietitian portal.



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