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Nutrition / Dietitian Update - March 3, 2018

Hi Nutrition/Dietitian Contacts,

I hope this update finds each of you well and busy with meaningful lives and work, as 2018 continues to move along. The attached contact list again includes two more - welcome Kaya Teh with Chapa-De Indian Health, and Margaux Permutt with Sonoma County Indian Health Project. Also, hopefully I've gotten the changes/corrections other sent. If not, please let me know and I'll include any changes/corrections or additions to the next email update in a month or two. 

Here are announcements and resources.  

  1. Our updated contact list (PDF) is attached. As always emailing back any changes, corrections and/or additions is greatly appreciated. 
  2. Attached is a pdf version the California Area Indian Health Service Patient Newsletter (PDF), that is mailed out to Tribal and urban Indian clinics in the state. I'm sending it to you because my articles recognize that March is National Nutrition Month. I'm the first to recognize I'm not a professional writer nor am I a grammar expert. But, I do hope my intent comes across in the article to a) acknowledging the importance food and our relationship to it and b) encourage those who have access to working with a dietitian to do so. 
  3. If by chance you're looking for on-line no-cost National Nutrition Month & Nutrition Education material here are some links:
    1. Online pdf no cost nutrition education resources: Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
    2. Short Video "Eat Right for Your Lifestyle:  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
    3. Antioxidants - Protecting Healthy Cells:  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
    4. The Beginner's Guide to Cruciferous Vegetables:  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
    5. CDC Nutrition Resources:  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
    6. USDA MyPlate National Nutrition Month resources:  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
    7. IHS SPDI website online training page:

Below are a few online sessions to consider attending or to catch after when posted to SDPI's training page:

3/7 (Wed)

Show Me the Money! MNT Reimbursement 101
(note: session will only offer CPEU for RDs)?

Diane Phillips, RDN, CDE
Nutrition Specialist
Santa Fe Service Unit

3/13 (Tue) 

Integrating Historic Food Ways into Current Healthcare Practices

Kibbe Conti, MS, RD, CDE
Nutrition Specialist
Northern Plains

3/22 (Thur)  

Getting Breastfeeding Right from the Start

Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC

3/28 (Wed)

Food Insecurity in Indian Country: A Case Study Approach

Kelli Begay, MS, MBA, RDN, LD
Nutrition Consultant
IHS Division of Diabetes &
Patty Keane, MS, RDN
UNM Prevention Research Center?

  1. Resending the Save the Date for the May 21-24 2018 California Providers' Continuing Medical Education, with (followed by) Diabetes Day. As in prior year, no cost CPEUs will be provided for Registered Dietitians, and CMEs for others. Based on prior year approval we can anticipate over 20 CPEUs offered, covering diverse topics that apply to nutrition and dietetics. The event will again be held at the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown, the discounted room rate deadline was April 6th (please see attached Save the Date).
  2. I remain interested in hearing about your favorite online nutrition resources. Anyone interested, can email me what you find useful in facilitating your clients in learning about healthy eating. As resources are shared, I can compile then and share them future updates.
  3. Resending, the link to the Indian Health Service Dietitian and Public Health Nutritionist webpage at: This IHS webpage contains nutrition resources, training & Continuing Education Credits, and information on joining the IHS Dietitian/Nutritionist List Serve
  4. Instructions on how to join the IHS CAO Nutrition / Dietitian portal.



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