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Nutrition / Dietitian Update - May 10, 2018

Hi Nutrition/Dietitian Contacts,

  1. Here is more information regarding the annual California Best Practices & GPRA Conference, and Diabetes Day. This annual no cost event will be held May 21-24, in Sacramento, it is approved for up to 25.5 CPEUs. 
    Here is the link with detailed information
    Attached is the flyer (PDF).
    Below shows some of the diverse session topics:: 
  • Community Suicide Prevention – Steven Adelsheim, MD (Stanford) 
  • Integration of Culture as a  Resiliency Factor for Youth – Virgil Moorehead, Jr., PsyD (Two Feathers)
  • Social Determinants of Health – Role of the Healthcare Professional – Piri Ackerman-Barger, PhD, RN (UC Davis)
  • Healthy Steps – CDR Andrea Woolridge, MPT, DPT (Whiteriver) and Jonathan Goldfinger, MD, MPH, FAAP (ZERO TO THREE)
  • Current Status of CMS Quality Measures – Ashby Wolfe, MD, MPP, MPH (CMS)
  • Quality Management Recommendations From a Clinic Perspective – Jonathan Merrell, RN, BSN, MBA (IHS)
  • State of Healthcare from a National Perspective - RADM Michael Toedt, MD (IHS)
  • Creating Communities for Healthy Youth – Mikela Jones (UAIC Tribal School)
  • Becoming a More Effective Health Care Leader – Using the Theory of Variation– Clifford Norman
  • Nutrition Learning Basket - Sharing What Works 
  • Family Spirit/Healthy Steps – Crystal Kee (Johns Hopkins) / CDR Andrea Woolridge, MPT, DPT (Whiteriver) and Jonathan Goldfinger, MD, MPH, FAAP
  • Early Identification of Developmental Disabilities – Janice Enriquez, PhD (UC Davis)/Tara Sharpp, PhD, RN (CSUS)
  • Historical Grief & Trauma:  Understanding Ourselves – Darryl Tonemah, PhD
  • Health/Medical Literacy in the Healthcare Clinic – CAPT Christopher Lamer, PharmD, BCPS, MHS, CDE (IHS)
  • Improving Public Health by Understanding Diversity in Diet, Body and Brain Interactions –  Brian Bennett, PhD and Nancy Keim, RD, PhD (UC Davis) / Gavin Maloney, MS, RD (Redding)
  • Wellbriety: Cultural Approaches to Healing – J. Carlos Rivera (White Bison, Inc.)
  • Elder Abuse – Irene Chu, MFCC/ Martha Haas, LCSW (Adult Protective Services of Sacramento County)
  • Early Childhood Development – Ann Bullock, MD (IHS)
  • The Proposal for a Patient Revolution – Victor Montori, MD (Mayo Clinic)
  • Taking Care of Each Other – Darryl Tonemah, PhD
  • Chronic Kidney Disease Screening and Treatment Preparations – Ann Bullock, MD
  • Trends in Diabetes Management - CAPT Christopher Lamer, PharmD, BCPS, MHS, CDE (IHS) Comprehensive Diabetes Case Management from Community to Clinical – Monica Giotta, MS, RDN, CDE & Gemalli Austin, Dr PH, RD, CDE (LCTHC)
  1. Just a heads-up. We're hoping send out in the next few months a more CA specific recorded presentation regarding MNT Reimbursement/RD 3rd party billing. The intent is to address California issues that possibly the DDTP March Show Me the Money MNT Reimbursement 101 presentation wasn't able to address. 
  2. Instructions on how to join the IHS CAO Nutrition / Dietitian portal.



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