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Nutrition / Dietitian Update - July 31, 2017

Hi All,

1) Our contact list (PDF) is updated and attached. Please take a look at it and email me any changes that are needed for you and/or your Tribal or Urban clinic.

2) Visit Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  to read more about the New CDC Report: Diabetes Affects More Than 30 Million People in U.S.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's newly released National Diabetes Statistics Report for 2017, 30.3 million Americans have diabetes, of which 23.1 million people are diagnosed and 7.2 million undiagnosed. The Academy uses this data as part of advocacy efforts to improve access to nutrition services for people with diabetes and prediabetes. Academy members are encouraged to access this report and associated useful infographics from CDC.

Also attached - forwarding to you again the 2006 Diabetes Prevention in Indian Country: Developing Nutrition Models to Tell the Story of Food-System Change Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving, by Kibbe M. Conti RD, CDE. 

And attached - forwarding in case you have not already read 2017 Obesity and Overweight in American Indian and Alaska Native Children 2006-2015, Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving by Ann Bullock MD, Kelly Moore MD, and Mason Spero PhD.

3) Forwarding a few learning opportunities, shared by Monica Giotta (Thank you Monica!).
If you have resources to you would like shared, just email them to me and they'll be shared in the next update.  Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
The Mighty Microbiome: What We Know and What We Need to Learn. August 16, 10AM (Noon Central Time) webinar presentation will provide an update on emerging areas of health research that have been connected to the gut microbiome, including the links between the microbiome, food and health. Cost, $19.00 Academy Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) members, $49.00 non-members.

I personally find it very interesting, while the role of healthy gut bacteria on digestion, allergies, and metabolism is not new news....the role of gut bacteria and brains health is newer news. Newer research is showing microbiome is considered the 4th gut-brain axis? Researchers are finding evidence that irritation in the gastrointestinal system may send signals to the central nervous system (CNS) that trigger mood changes. In addition, the enteric nervous system (ENS) or intrinsic nervous system is being called the “second brain” and is thought to be one of the main divisions of the nervous system and consists of a mesh-like system of neurons that govern the function of the gastrointestinal tract.   Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving
New Online Certificate, 5-Module of Training Program: Public Health Nutrition
Develop competency and earn CPEUs online with a new program concerning the emerging and exciting area of public health nutrition. The Level 2 program consists of five modules covering the foundations of public health nutrition, developing, implementing and evaluating a plan and more. This program has been developed by the Academy's Center for Lifelong Learning and planned with the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists, Committee for Public Health/Community Nutrition and the Public Health and Community Nutrition dietetic practice group. Cost: $120.00 Academy Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) members, $270.00 non-members.

In addition to this Public Health Nutrition certificate training, AND offers other certificate trainings. 

4) The Indian Health Service Dietitian and Public Health Nutritionist webpage is at:

This section of the IHS website contains nutrition resources, training & Continuing Education Credits, and information on joining the IHS Dietitian/Nutritionist List Serve

5) If you have resources to that we can share on our Portal, email to let me know.  

6) Instructions on how to join the CA Nutrition / Dietitian portal.



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